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Medical Hypnotherapy

The Following Medical Institutions Support The Use Of Hypnotherapy

Stanford University Medical Center
David Speigel, MD, major researcher in medical uses of hypnotherapy in cancer treatment to reduce nausea, pain and anxiety.

Harvard University Medical Center
Reported that hypnotherapy seems to block the nerve receptors that affect pain and anxiety.

National Institute of Health
Supports hypnotherapy for treatment of chronic pain, and side effects on oncology treatment.

Andrew Weil M.D.
"I frequently refer patients to Hypnotherapists because I have seen it produce excellent results in many illnesses."

Pain Relief With Hypnotherapy
Chronic Pain reduction responds 96% of the time to Hypnotherapy.

Facts on Chronic Pain
Pain affects over 75 million people every year, 50 million of those
suffering from chronic pain. Pain is the number one reason Americans visit their
doctors: it's economic impact approaches 100 billion dollars a year in this
country alone. The psychological effects can be devastating, ranging from
depression to anxiety and sleeplessness. For people who suffer from chronic pain,
the symptoms can become a living nightmare. Fortunately for most people this
does not have to be the case.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Responds 94% of the time to Hypnotherapy
Often conventional medical treatments alone have not been able to adequately alleviate IBS symptoms. However, hypnotherapy combined with conventional medicines produces remarkable results.

Fibromyalgia Relief with Hypnotherapy
Through the use of hypnotherapy 96% of those with Fibromyalgia have resulted in an improvement of their symptoms. It is non-invasive and is designed to be used in conjunction with your physicians treatment regime. It is a multi-session program that focuses on:
* Easing pain
* Boosting energy levels
* Restoring sleep without drugs
* Releasing anxiety and tension
* Improving concentration

Hypertension Responds 96% of the time to Hypnotherapy
* Hypnotherapy produces remarkable results in alleviating hypertension.
* Lowers Blood Pressure
* Alleviates Stress and Anxiety
* Enhances Sense of Well Being


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