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What to Expect
The approach I use is gentle, interactive, pleasant and comfortable. You will be aware of your surroundings but feel so relaxed and the usual distractions seem to fade away. Hypnotherapy is a natural state of deep physical and mental relaxation with a desired outcome. My work is focused on using hypnotherapy in a way that allows clients to have greater freedom, control, and choices in their life.

Hypnotherapy allows you to clearly identify and solve your problem. My goal is to guide you through this process by helping you find your own internal strength. With hypnotherapy you can:
* quit smoking
* manage your weight
* overcome fears
* reduce stress
* reach goals
* change habits
* improve skills/performance
* experience inner growth and healing
* cope with bereavement
* and much more

Freedom from Smoking
More than 6,000 published scientific research papers totaling 72,000 people conclude that hypnotherapy is hands-down the most effective approach to quit smoking.
When the time has come to stop smoking, hypnotherapy can easily and quickly guide you through the process. The steps are safe and drug free. The gentle nature of hypnotherapy combined with the client's desire to quit are long lasting and effective. My program consists of 3 sessions. Often people quit after just one session, however I recommend completing 3 sessions to reinforce and firmly establish a new healthier lifestyle.

Manage your weight
One of the pleasures of my practice is helping people develop satisfying, effective, and enjoyable relationships with both food and their bodies. I know that these techniques work because I have used them consistently with success. It's thrilling and satisfying to watch as people establish new patterns of eating and exercise that revolve around feeling good.

Overcome Fears
About 10% of the population suffers from one or more extreme fears or phobias. They can cause intense fear and often severely limit the lives of those who have them. Hypnotherapy is highly effective in alleviating this. It doesn't matter how intense the fear or phobia is, or how long you have had it. Most clients begin to feel relief within the first session.

Stress Reduction
Removing all stress from our life is impossible. Hypnotherapy however is an effective way of dealing with it. By quieting down the mind, hypnotherapy sets into motion a chain reaction of pleasant physiological responses, such lowering heart rate and blood pressure and relaxing muscle tension. These changes, in turn stimulate other positive changes such as lowered production of stress hormones. It seems clear that a calm, centered body and mind can only benefit your health and well-being.

Through hypnotherapy you can learn to re-educate your mind to expect a good night’s sleep, learn new relaxation techniques to help your mind and body to slow down at the end of the day, and explore ways to remove some of the noise from a racing mind. Insomnia and most sleep difficulties are a very modern phenomenon and are representative of the pace of modern life. Insomnia responds very well to hypnotherapy


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